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Anti-fracking zine

responding to Pa. grand jury investigation

This eight page zine is my reaction to the collective failure of the Department of Environmental Protection and the Department of Health to intervene when witnessing the devastating effects of fracking on the health and environment of Pennsylvania's residents.


The grand jury issued indictments against Cabot Oil & Gas and Range Resources, alleging the company of environmental crimes including polluting the people’s water supply with methane, causing a well to explode, neglect of well locations, and intentional withholding of concerning information. Still, no criminal charges were held against state officials including Gov. Tom Wolf who oversaw the companies in question for five years. It is clear that the laws are inadequate to protect the environment and residents, and the state is unwilling to actively defend the residents’ health against the growing oil and gas industry in Pennsylvania.


I designed the zine in a horror movie / Plagues of Egypt style because of the terrifying, inescapable symptoms reported by the residents. Specifically, the front cover and the stencil/speckling motif is in direct response to the clouds of hazardous debris residents reported. Pennsylvania law permitted shale gas sites in close proximity to residents’ homes. The grand jury report describes how these residents were surrounded by a toxic dust and forced to hide inside, closing their windows. They observed a dust residue on all glass surfaces in their home as the dust inevitably invaded the inside. 

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